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What does a 25-year-old Pop Star & a 57-year-old Nuclear Physicist Have in Common?

Not a damn thing. Well, that was my initial thought.

I first heard of Demi Lovato’s relapse and hospitalization last week through a friend of mine, Kurt. We were having one of our routine conversations and the topic just wove its way into it as contemporary, newsworthy issues have a way of doing.

I knew little of Demi Lovato as a popstar, entertainer, or her personal life prior to my conversation with Kurt. Walking back to my car, I decided I would find out a little bit about her. What intrigued me was the fact she was a self-confessed addict, in addition to alcoholism.

What’s at the end of your rainbow?

Let’s take a moment and reflect back upon all the cheer St. Patrick’s Day has brought us each over the years! It’s truly an enchanted day, leprechauns, lucky charms, shamrocks, green apparel, pots of gold, rainbows, and gallons of green beer.

It’s quite a day!

How to Fuck up your Holidays: Wisdom of the Ages

Earlier this week we learned without question, the wisest thing to do this holiday season is enjoying yourself and start drinking. Implicit with this decision is that you’ll be fucking up your family’s holidays which may in turn ruin yours.

These tips are from years of personal experience, along with the anonymously shared insight of hundreds. Centuries of wisdom are within. Why, I had to quite literally, drink myself to death to acquire mine.

How to Fuck up your Holidays: Decisions, Decisions

Thanksgiving is over, thank God. That’s the shittiest holiday. It shouldn’t even count as one; it’s just a very long day.

All that’s behind you because the Holiday Season is upon us! You now have a decision to make…

TERROR: the prick of the herd

Congratulations, doomed comrade!

You successfully drank yourself comatose once again, just a few hours ago. It’s time for your wake up call.

“Consciousness. Damn it!”

What did you expect? You have only oblivion, the vast blackness of night surrounding you…

You’re So Screwed: All you need to know about the Four Horsemen of Alcoholism

The Four Horsemen of Alcoholism.

They’re the equine-riding demons that devour your mind, will and emotions (and your soul a little later).

This is not a voluntary ride.

Ramblings of a Former Madman

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